Document Processing with ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE

AI-supported document processing. Made in Germany.

The business context:

Each year, your business processes thousands of documents such as invoices, orders, delivery notes, tenders, receipts, contracts, complaints, product certificates, notices, inquiries, personnel information, pricing documents and much, much more.

Therefore, you should:

  • Slash document processing costs with automation
  • Drastically cut down processing time
  • Seamlessly integrate data into existing systems
  • Securely handle growing document volumes for the future

The solution:

Xpact, the AI-based automated document processing and analysis solution.

Achieve a competitive edge by automating and digitizing your business processes.

Automation of all your documents

Automate the processing of all your internal and external documents.

Implementation of AI reduces costs by more than 80%

Our solution categorizes, reads the necessary data, validates, supplements and processes the results automatically according to pre-defined AI parameters

Our solution, your benefits

Immediate cost and time savings through AI.

We would be delighted to demonstrate Xpact and show you the solution in action. We can discuss the following points and many others to illustrate how Xpact can benefit your organisation:

  • What kind of documents do you have – invoices, delivery notes, receipts, notices, orders, inquiries, tenders, complaints, contracts, claims etc.?
  • How do you receive these documents – email, fax, handwritten, ERP, website etc.?
  • How many documents do you receive (per day/month/year)?
  • Into which existing systems does the information, data and documents need to be automatically integrated?

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Document Processing Automation with Xpact


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