Web3 offers opportunities for every organisation to change the way they do business.

What exactly is Web3?

The most popular definition is:

Web3 = Read, Write and Own, where individual users own and control their data, privacy and assets through Blockchain technology.

Nexus Digital Consulting can help you navigate through the Web3 world with a focus on transformational strategies and new business opportunities. We have the specialists, the tools and the experience to help you on your Web3 journey.

We can talk you through:

  • The business-driven offerings in both Web2 and Web3.
  • How you can model your business use cases in Web3/Blockchain.
  • The best Web3 strategy for your organisation.
  • What does Web3 mean for customer experience.
  • When releasing company tokens make sense (Eco-system, Tokenomics, Customer Loyalty etc.).
  • How you can integrate NFT’s into your business.
  • Which financial elements of Web3 are appropriate to your business (Stable Coins, DeFi, Regulations etc.).
  • Changing your marketing and branding.
  • Programming your dApps (e.g. Login with Wallet).
  • Development of audits and Smart Contracts.
  • Tools that you can use for Web3 Data Analytics.
  • Adapting your business to use Web3.
  • and much more…


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